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Prefix 808-944-XXXX is primarily located in Honolulu, Hawaii, and it has 217 phone numbers in our database. Based on user feedback, the level of spam activity is "Low" compared to other telephone prefixes in the 808 area code.

Phone number directory

Number Name*
808-944-0002Inouye, K***** O*
808-944-0009Oahu A*** S****
808-944-0037FELIPE D****** J**
808-944-0044HALE K** H**** F***** S***
808-944-0110UNISON V******* I**
808-944-0422Home I****** S***** C*** H*** H***** C*** S*******
808-944-0516IRENA T***** R*****
808-944-0563Phung X***
808-944-0606Xenon O** E**********
808-944-0655EDEN L**** I**
808-944-0700Ppf H***** I**
808-944-0710710 H*****
808-944-0800Pop L**** C*************
808-944-0803Jane N*****
808-944-0909Texcast I**
808-944-0913Paul S******
808-944-1000STANTON M*******
808-944-1001Tom S R****** J
808-944-1025Wesley S****
808-944-1040Josh K***********
808-944-1117Brian K**
808-944-1127Mosquito M***** D****
808-944-1163Hawaii C*********************
808-944-1169Jerry A******
808-944-1188MA A*** W C
808-944-1420Michael B******
808-944-1455THOMSON'S W***** C**
808-944-1544Dollar R*** A C**
808-944-1586NAKAYA R*******
808-944-1764Pamela M******
808-944-1765Chuck W******
808-944-1783Annie L*
808-944-1817Image L********
808-944-1821Fukunaga & A**** I**
808-944-1854Allstate I******** C*
808-944-1888Nicole C********
808-944-1964American H***** T****
808-944-1995Kuniko F*******
808-944-2004Pacific P**** I**
808-944-2086Nami O******
808-944-2111Zoran L****
808-944-2500APEX R***** C***
808-944-2523Sehija T*****
808-944-2528REALTY P******* I**
808-944-2555BENCHMARK C*********** C*
808-944-2600THE B*** G****** H*******
808-944-2772Next L**** G****
808-944-2776James C***
808-944-2857Phil B*******
808-944-2874Alan K**
808-944-2951Joshua H*****
808-944-2976Venoco I**
808-944-2998Carol Y*****
808-944-3003SHUKO R*****
808-944-3057SURFING T** W**
808-944-3109Soma K********
808-944-3338Shawmut C**** A** R******
808-944-3372First N******* B*** O* A******
808-944-3445COLD S**** C*******
808-944-3474Fish B*** T****
808-944-3572Tammie A***
808-944-3668Barry M****
808-944-3677Brandon P*****
808-944-3681Sharon S*******
808-944-3716HTH C********** - I*
808-944-3771Elizabeth B***
808-944-3777Jeans W********
808-944-3918Kevin B****
808-944-3927Thuyen V*
808-944-4005F J******
808-944-4006Gold C**** J*******
808-944-4042Hanna H****** & A** C***********
808-944-4054Katsuzo S******
808-944-4086Images B* S*****
808-944-4098Mary D***
808-944-4255Jeff C***
808-944-4266Yong S L*******
808-944-4299Beverly H**** H*** R**********
808-944-4334ILIKAI H****
808-944-4402PRINCE R****** H***** I**
808-944-4417Pamela M******
808-944-4449Andrus S**** M**** I**
808-944-4470Dan D**
808-944-4473Khaine A***
808-944-4494Hakone R*********
808-944-4567Hawaii P***** G*** C***
808-944-4593Mohamed J***
808-944-4607Helga J*****
808-944-4653Monica M********
808-944-4658Beach P******** D*****
808-944-4669Tharshish J******
808-944-4680Travel I O*****
808-944-4700Pacific O**** H*******
808-944-4702Rhc U** C***
808-944-4703Thanh D***
808-944-4714Chef M****
808-944-4790Terence K***
808-944-4804Jonette M***
808-944-4922AMERICAN P****** M******* C*
808-944-5034Maribel S******
808-944-5042Summer P***** A***
808-944-5115STAATS C****** P**
808-944-5121Labor R**** I**
808-944-5134Sharleen R********
808-944-5141Nicole A****
808-944-5172Randy R******
808-944-5227Gen K***** B**
808-944-5400Frank R***
808-944-5511One P*** O** D**** I**
808-944-5557Kenneth Z*****
808-944-5591MCMAHON & M****** A**********
808-944-5711Diane S******
808-944-5737Punahou S*****
808-944-5767Rocky H******
808-944-5794Lawton I********* I**
808-944-5814Punahou S***** P*** E* A***
808-944-5877Punahou S***** P*** E* A***
808-944-5961Sonya S*******
808-944-6017Warren K*****
808-944-6047Discount H*****
808-944-6051Hubert A****
808-944-6088Yusuke K*****
808-944-6134Mei C****
808-944-6136St. T******** S*****
808-944-6160Gyanendra C********
808-944-6211Elizabeth L****
808-944-6214Ahsan Z****
808-944-6254Gempo J*****
808-944-6271West E*** C****
808-944-6336Standard P******
808-944-6433Bal S*****
808-944-6464Emanuel T*****
808-944-6506Veterinary M******* P********* G****
808-944-6688Alan F*******
808-944-6706Pded L****
808-944-6750Living F**** A** C*****
808-944-6969KIMS H*** H**** P****** P****
808-944-6992Gayle T********
808-944-7008Dan D**
808-944-7054FERRARI C*********
808-944-7073Khalid L****
808-944-7111Satu L*****
808-944-7143Carol F**
808-944-7156East-west C*****
808-944-7283Eastwest C***** E******* A****** O***** E W
808-944-7293West E*** C****
808-944-7346Khaine A***
808-944-7347Majah-leah R*****
808-944-7350Atsushi O****
808-944-7352Kang W*
808-944-7506East-west C**
808-944-7604Khaine A***
808-944-7760Fred C*******
808-944-7780PACIFIC A** A**** A****** C******
808-944-7813East-west C*****
808-944-7875Riza L******
808-944-7953East W*** C*****
808-944-7960Selinaswati S**********
808-944-7976Kadeer T******
808-944-8100Jones L*** L****** A*******
808-944-8211OCEAN C****
808-944-8231Mark N**
808-944-8255NITTEN U** I**
808-944-8290Shaun U*******
808-944-8337Chad C****
808-944-8338Kurt I U******
808-944-8344Vegetarian S****** O* H*****
808-944-8362Hueifen S******
808-944-8383Japan P**** S****** I**
808-944-8390Foot L*****
808-944-8485Jon L******
808-944-8500Rick J*****
808-944-8541BETTER W** T**** I**
808-944-8551Baker I********* T************ L**
808-944-8742Above & B***** T** C*** E**
808-944-8777Hendrix M******* S*** A*** I**
808-944-8848Kimura I************ I**
808-944-8862Visual N** E******
808-944-8884MARTIN C*** R*****
808-944-8886Tca W*******
808-944-8888UNITED C****** S******* I**
808-944-9105Hawaii R********* A***
808-944-9113Nancy E******
808-944-9178Doris Y********
808-944-9191Maui C******* C* I**
808-944-9194Tom M****
808-944-9199KA H***
808-944-9250Marilyn C****
808-944-9256Jeanne S****
808-944-9283Larry L********
808-944-9292Te G** H*******
808-944-9333Kiyomi L*****
808-944-9399Hawaii's F*********** O* A****
808-944-9400Audio R******* H*******
808-944-9505Randall S**** S*******
808-944-9653RAINBOW H***** R*** E*****
808-944-9666Hawaii Y**** C***
808-944-9719Roof M********** & R**********
808-944-9741Keith H*******
808-944-9806Digitoolz I**
808-944-9839Paramount C******* P*******
808-944-9911Randall S*******
808-944-9939Alicia Z*****

* The name is masked for privacy reasons. You can click on the phone number to view the full name.

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