684 Area Code

Area Code 684 Map

Area code 684 generally covers Pago Pago in the U.S. State of American Samoa.

Top cities in area code 684

City Prefixes
Pago Pago, AS100%

Area code 684 has 18 prefixes

Prefix Primary City Usage
684-248Pago PagoLandline
684-252Pago PagoWireless
684-254Pago PagoWireless
684-256Pago PagoWireless
684-258Pago PagoWireless
684-272Pago PagoWireless
684-622Pago PagoLandline
684-633Pago PagoLandline
684-644Pago PagoLandline
684-655Pago PagoLandline
684-677Pago PagoLandline
684-688Pago PagoLandline
684-691Pago PagoLandline
684-699Pago PagoLandline
684-731Pago PagoWireless
684-733Pago PagoWireless
684-770Pago PagoWireless
684-782Pago PagoLandline

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