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Prefix 609-252-XXXX is primarily located in Princeton, New Jersey, and it has 236 phone numbers in our database. Based on user feedback, the level of spam activity is "Low" compared to other telephone prefixes in the 609 area code.

Phone number directory

Number Name*
609-252-0001OVERSEAS M***** D********** C**********
609-252-0011Margaret R***
609-252-0025Julie R****
609-252-0046Kevin L****
609-252-0048ALTMAN I********* M*********
609-252-0052Richard S****
609-252-0060Muktesh S****
609-252-0063Joan G********
609-252-0084JUDD O********
609-252-0121Claire E L****
609-252-0159JG C********
609-252-0181Austin C******
609-252-0211AMERICAN O**** A*******
609-252-0226Fredrick K****
609-252-0233Keith S*******
609-252-0260Erica D****
609-252-0261Denes P***
609-252-0276Dennis M****
609-252-0280SUNGLASS M********* I***
609-252-0320Kurt S****
609-252-0335Airica R******
609-252-0355Edward S*****
609-252-0407Suprasad B********
609-252-0438Mark J********
609-252-0440MIMI M********
609-252-0442John B****
609-252-0456Cheryl M****
609-252-0474KNIGHT A********* L**
609-252-0488Bernard A*******
609-252-0508Jerry M*******
609-252-0522Hugh L*****
609-252-0574Jacque R****
609-252-0577Ed H********
609-252-0591Kelly O*****
609-252-0592Kelly O*****
609-252-0615Switzer P******** P******** I***
609-252-0621WONDERHAUS D*****
609-252-0626Chris L****
609-252-0632Ronni T*****
609-252-0638Marion L******
609-252-0656Shashi M*****
609-252-0672HOLCOMBE A*********
609-252-0692ADAM G****
609-252-0742Suprasad B********
609-252-0752Maria M*****
609-252-0768Romana S********
609-252-0805Jerry M*******
609-252-0818Paula T*****
609-252-0825EASTRIDGE T*********
609-252-0829Richard L******
609-252-0838Calvin T******
609-252-0841GUERMANTES I**
609-252-0868Ming P***
609-252-0880Justin K********
609-252-0903Scott G****
609-252-0950Thomas W*****
609-252-0966Chee N*
609-252-0967Sahar A***
609-252-0999RAYMOND K***** A*********
609-252-1117PTS H***** & F******
609-252-1119Miranda I*******
609-252-1125Todd B****
609-252-1182Laughlin R*** E*****
609-252-1197Michael D***
609-252-1199Princeton N****
609-252-1212ORIENTAL T*** N*
609-252-1215Victor S******
609-252-1221EAST C**** D****** S*****
609-252-1230Bernie D****
609-252-1300Anne B****
609-252-1301Andrew P******
609-252-1324Rajeev K*****
609-252-1325R K*****
609-252-1337Samantha R***
609-252-1339Jorge D***
609-252-1381Cynthia C**
609-252-1406Abhijit C******
609-252-1408Hayes C*********** O******
609-252-1417Curtis G******
609-252-1432Peter K*****
609-252-1470X P**** I***** C***
609-252-1505Teri H****
609-252-1525Meryl J****
609-252-1551Kelly Q********
609-252-1575TASTE O* M*****
609-252-1579GREGOR Z* H*****
609-252-1595TONY B********
609-252-1644Murali C*******
609-252-1668A-1 T*******
609-252-1672Ruth N********
609-252-1695John M*****
609-252-1736HISPANIC T********** I*********
609-252-1766FELDENKRAIS M***** O* C******
609-252-1771Tracy C****
609-252-1850Amy R*******
609-252-1878Tony L*
609-252-1915ELIZABETH H* S****
609-252-1946Tag V****** P*******
609-252-1963PRINCETON C******** T*********
609-252-1973David N*****
609-252-2054Michael R* M******
609-252-2114George H********
609-252-2500David D***
609-252-2524Michael C**********
609-252-2525Thomas G******
609-252-2540DECISION S****** T*********
609-252-2581Carol G*********
609-252-2707SUPUN S***********
609-252-2709OCEANSIDE W***** C******* & H*** M****
609-252-2748Gs P********
609-252-3142Bristol S M****
609-252-3240Yingru Z****
609-252-3278Bristol S M****
609-252-3336Masuma N****
609-252-3497James C*****
609-252-3558Roger L**
609-252-3642Bristol S M****
609-252-3698Bristol S M****
609-252-3917Bristol M**** S
609-252-3952Bristol M**** S
609-252-4000Bristol S M****
609-252-4005Bristol M**** S***** C******
609-252-4147Bristol S M****
609-252-4160Cynthia V***
609-252-4279Bristol S M****
609-252-4342June Q**********
609-252-4444Nancy V*********
609-252-4475Harriet M*****
609-252-4585Sandra S**********
609-252-4598Jodi B****
609-252-4720Dawn O**
609-252-4730Gary S**********
609-252-4781Anne E***
609-252-4870Maria C*******
609-252-4951BRISTOL-MYERS S***** C******
609-252-4985Bristol S M****
609-252-5012Bristol M**** S***** C******
609-252-5036Annie P**********
609-252-5132BRISTOL M**** S***** C******
609-252-5146Janet J***
609-252-5174Bristol S M****
609-252-5175Bristol M**** S
609-252-5232Joe B****
609-252-5252Sheldon L**
609-252-5254Bristol S M****
609-252-5292Bristol S M****
609-252-5294Kristen M*******
609-252-5297Bristol S M****
609-252-5306Bristol M**** S***** C******
609-252-5308Ravi S****
609-252-5318Bristol S M****
609-252-5371Danisha D********
609-252-5378Ridgley C***
609-252-5399Mr/sc O* T**** N****
609-252-5473Melissa C*****
609-252-5492Bristol M**** S***** C******
609-252-5527Bt A*** B**
609-252-5560Colette R******
609-252-5569Sandra Z****
609-252-5648Gennaro D***
609-252-5702Bristol S M****
609-252-5714Janet D******
609-252-5749Bristol M**** S***** C******
609-252-5784Charlie W****
609-252-5796Suketu D****
609-252-5809Bristol S M****
609-252-5921CHANCHLANI S******* L**
609-252-5952Bristol S M****
609-252-6023Christina B******
609-252-6195Shirley L**
609-252-6279Joel G********
609-252-6449Shu C****
609-252-6512Bristol S M****
609-252-6521Bristol S M****
609-252-6539Bristol S M****
609-252-6704Rose C*******
609-252-6749Beth C****
609-252-6771David B****
609-252-6792Daniel B******
609-252-7030Bristol S M****
609-252-7233Bristol S M****
609-252-7485Bristol S M****
609-252-7514Bristol S M****
609-252-7639Philip C***
609-252-7918Marie H*********
609-252-8008Jackie B*****
609-252-8089Mark J******
609-252-8109Alk A****
609-252-8147Mark H******
609-252-8198Sowmya K**********
609-252-8513Declan B****
609-252-8598Educational T****** S******
609-252-8600Zi L* W*
609-252-8601Elena R****
609-252-8719Princeton H****
609-252-8905NETPLEX T************ I**
609-252-8912Shawn Y***
609-252-9015CROW & A*********
609-252-9020Janice H***
609-252-9040PETER H******
609-252-9099AMERICAN-IRANIAN C******
609-252-9155Alex B****
609-252-9185SUZIN G**** & S***
609-252-9192EVEX A********* I**
609-252-9255WALKING C*
609-252-9300Lauren W*******
609-252-9327Suresh C****
609-252-9376Princeton T****
609-252-9393Lauren W*******
609-252-9405MARZENA A*****
609-252-9440Kristen M*******
609-252-9441Kristen M*******
609-252-9442Kristen M*******
609-252-9447Roeland M****
609-252-9455Jane S****
609-252-9477David C****
609-252-9509ELIZABETH R*******
609-252-9515Tom M*******
609-252-9545Shashi M*****
609-252-9552Jacoby T*****
609-252-9563Curtis G******
609-252-9680Carlo M***
609-252-9696NEW H******* M*********
609-252-9700CARL D******* - I**** & M* N*****
609-252-9713Curtis G******
609-252-9716Curtis G******
609-252-9980STEGINSKY C******
609-252-9988Yibin K***

* The name is masked for privacy reasons. You can click on the phone number to view the full name.

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