332 Area Code

Area Code 332 Map

Area code 332 generally covers New York in the U.S. State of New York.

Top cities in area code 332

City Prefixes
New York, NY94.3%
Staten Island, NY2.9%
Brooklyn, NY1.4%
Woodside, NY1.4%

Top telephone carriers in area code 332

Carrier Prefixes
Omnipoint Communications7.1%
Level 3 Communications4.3%
Mcimetro Access Transmission Services4.3%
Lte Wireless Inc D/b/a Lte Wireless2.9%
Onvoy Spectrum2.9%

Area code 332 has 70 prefixes

Prefix Primary City Usage
332-200New YorkWireless
332-201New YorkLandline
332-202New YorkWireless
332-203New YorkLandline
332-204New YorkLandline
332-205New YorkWireless
332-206New YorkWireless
332-207New YorkWireless
332-208New YorkLandline
332-209New YorkWireless
332-210New YorkWireless
332-213New YorkLandline
332-214New YorkLandline
332-215New YorkWireless
332-216New YorkWireless
332-217New YorkWireless
332-218New YorkLandline
332-219New YorkLandline
332-220New YorkWireless
332-221New YorkLandline
332-222New YorkLandline
332-223Staten IslandLandline
332-224New YorkWireless
332-225New YorkLandline
332-226New YorkWireless
332-227New YorkWireless
332-228New YorkLandline
332-230New YorkLandline
332-231New YorkWireless
332-232New YorkLandline
332-233New YorkWireless
332-234New YorkLandline
332-235New YorkWireless
332-236New YorkLandline
332-237New YorkLandline
332-239New YorkLandline
332-240New YorkLandline
332-243New YorkLandline
332-245New YorkLandline
332-246New YorkLandline
332-247New YorkLandline
332-248New YorkWireless
332-255New YorkLandline
332-282New YorkLandline
332-300New YorkLandline
332-322New YorkLandline
332-323New YorkLandline
332-330New YorkLandline
332-331Staten IslandLandline
332-333New YorkLandline
332-334New YorkLandline
332-373New YorkLandline
332-400New YorkWireless
332-444New YorkLandline
332-456New YorkLandline
332-500New YorkLandline
332-600New YorkLandline
332-666New YorkLandline
332-699New YorkLandline
332-777New YorkLandline
332-799New YorkLandline
332-800New YorkLandline
332-877New YorkLandline
332-888New YorkLandline
332-895New YorkLandline
332-900New YorkLandline
332-910New YorkLandline
332-999New YorkLandline

Statistics for area code 332